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There are approximately 4 million Czechs on Facebook, most of them are connected to the network every day. It means that there are many of your potential customers on Facebook.

Facebook vs PPC systems

Advertising on Facebook is different from PPC advertising systems such as Sklik and Adwords. Facebook does not work with keywords. This can be advantage, because you do not have to think about what keywords your target audience uses.

Facebook ad is targeted directly to Facebook users. It uses a variety of information that is available about the user, such as age, gender, location, occupation or interests.

Types of campaign

Facebook offers several types of campaigns. The basic and most commonly used are:

  • Post promotion
  • Page promotion
  • Directing people to your website

Preparing campaing

Before launching campaign, you should be clear about what you want to achieve by the campaign. Basically, you should develop a marketing strategy.

Draft campaign

You can approach to Facebook advertising section via the drop-down menu in the top right corner, where you select create ads. Then select the type of campaign and continue to user base.

User base

In this section you define the user base using age, gender, language, interests and behavior. On the right side you can see estimated reach of the campaign. Basically, you can target wide range of users or you can target fans with a real interest in your site.

Budget and prices

In the next step, you set budget and offer price. You have the choice between a daily budget and long-term budget. Then choose the option to manually adjust your bid and make a bid. It is advisable to follow help and choose from the proposed price range.

It may happen that the campaign you carefully set up does not work properly. There are not any displays or there is low amount of them. This happens when your bid is very low. Try slightly raise the price, and watch if it works.

The next article will tell you how to create effective advertisement and what to do if Facebook rejects your ad.


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