Creation of web applications

In addition to offering the full range of web applications that you regularly find on the internet, we can also provide applications customized to meet your specific needs. For developing we use our proven Nette Framework, thanks to which our applications are stable and secure. Our applications’ look is always created by a professional graphic designer. Each design is an original, customized solution.

For web applications we use our own 7RS content management system, which takes advantage of the latest available technologies: Web 2.0 - HTML 5, CSS 3. With an emphasis on modern, functional, and safe websites and on keeping up step with the times, our websites reflect the latest internet trends. 

By using our own solution, which we test on an ongoing basis, we can respond quickly and easily to any requirements our clients may have.

Above all, intuitive websites

Our applications are intuitive, fast, and user-friendly. All our products are interconnected, which makes any alterations a matter of routine for us and for you a huge time and cost savings. The website’s content is separated from its visual design, thus providing easy administration and less data volume, which leads to faster page loading.

A modern and proactive approach

A key factor for the success is the right choice of the right supplier, because customized software development comes with numerous risks. We try to reduce these risks. All our applications are developed in an object-oriented manner using our proven Nette Framework, which ensures the easiest possible long-term software maintenance and enables improvements and updates in accordance with the client’s wishes or in response to the latest trends.

What products do we offer and how do we work?

We create many different internet applications. Our recommended approach is a personal meeting at which we can discuss your vision. Afterwards, we submit several ideas and recommendations, including the creation of new applications containing many interesting functions designed to save you time. The following list of the most commonly requested components gives you an idea of how your website can function or what modules it might contain:

  • Administration of text content like in MS Word
  • Photo gallery with automatic size reduction
  • Tags (keywords) for articles, including automatic ordering and recommendations
  • Evaluation of articles, products
  • Internet forum comments
  • Ordering system
  • Different language versions
  • Inventory system
  • System for sending e-mail news (newsletter), menus, invites
  • Mobile version of website
  • Connection to payment gateway, connection to SMS gateway, accounting software
  • Chat between you and your website visitors
  • Connection to Facebook (Like, Recommend, display comments, fans of your website)
  • Visitor analysis, access to Google Analytics

We can help

Don’t know where to start? Do you have an old website and need help updating it? Contact us using the form below, and our employees will contact you to recommend the most effective approach.

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Quick and easy administration of your website

Take advantage of our simple web content management system. Administration of websites based on 7RS is simple and intuitive. Each website based on our management system has its own individual design.

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