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Take advantage of our simple web content management system. Administration of websites based on 7RS is simple and intuitive. Each website based on our management system has its own individual design.

Our content management system was created in 2010 with the transition to the newest version of PHP and the Nette Framework. Nette Framework, the core of the 7RS content management system, is a robust system enabling the effective construction of large web systems.

Our content management system has been built with a view to the lay public, is intuitive, and possesses an attractive graphic design. You can use it to add and change text on your website, add images, and administer current news. The system’s extensive features are described in the paragraph “What products do we offer…”.

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We can give your vision a virtual shape, help you come up with all the details, and familiarize you with the environment you are entering. We give our clients our full attention, always with a personal touch.

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