On-line marketing

In addition to creating websites, we also help our clients engage in effective marketing. We attract potential customers to our clients’ websites via various forms of online marketing and through advertisements in various online locations. We also offer SEO (search engine optimization) services.

Management of Facebook campaigns

The long-term growth in interest in Facebook campaigns is an indication of its usefulness for the marketing of consumer products. Targeted marketing enables us to lead highly effective and affordable campaigns. We organize various Facebook marketing campaigns for our clients:

  • Proactive updating of your profile, statuses, addition of news
  • Creation and management of advertising campaigns
  • Recruiting new fans of your website
  • Contest administration
  • Creation of applications

We work on Facebook modules “Like” and “Recommend”, and updates your profiles or photographs of your fans in online presentations. For more information, see “Creation of web applications”.

Administration of AdWords and Sklik PPC campaigns

7 Interactive has long been involved in the creation and administration of PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns on the Google and Seznam search engines. Our many years of experience with running PPC campaigns guarantees highly efficient campaign management, low costs per click, and the possibilities of brand-based and targeted campaigns.

Search engine optimization

The benefits of SEO include the acquisition of new website visitors at a low cost as compared to other forms of paid online campaigns. We know that roughly 90% of internet users today use fulltext search engines, in particular Google and Seznam. With good SEO, you can reach those 90% of users who are looking for your products or services.

Optimization is always a part of long-term collaboration with our clients. It involves a continuous process of development with a recommended minimum level of annual support.

Advertising campaigns on and other websites

We have extensive experience with banner campaigns on (,,, and Massive banner campaigns on these sites are helpful in building brand awareness and for promoting new products. Thanks to the volume of advertising, we can offer our clients significantly lower prices than those normally offered to new customers. Contact us for more information.

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Quick and easy administration of your website

Take advantage of our simple web content management system. Administration of websites based on 7RS is simple and intuitive. Each website based on our management system has its own individual design.

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