7 tips to create an effective PPC campaign


The abbreviation PPC means pay per click. The advertiser pays only when the user clicks on the ad and gets to the advertiser's website. In this article we bring you general guidance on how to create PPC campaign including a few tips that will help you create an effective campaign.

PPC campaigns can be created in several PPC systems. The most used systems are Google AdWords and Seznam Sklik.

If you're starting with PPC campaigns, you need to open an account in one of the systems, for example in Sklik. Consequently, it is necessary to charge the credit to electronic wallet from which you pay for clicks.

Now you create a campaign. Select a campaign name, daily and overall budget and the beginning and end of the campaign.

The next step is to create several sets. For each set, set a maximum cost per click. Then select appropriate keywords and create an advertisement.

After setting up, be sure to run a campaign smiley.

And now we proceed to a few tips.

1. Separate the campaign for search network and content network
When setting up a campaign, you can choose the search network, the content network or both. If you select the Search Network, ads are displayed in search results. If you select the content network, then the ad shows on websites offering advertising space. Launching a joint campaign for both networks causes low click through rate.

2. Select keywords correctly
Create small set of a few keywords that have similar meaning. It's much more efficient to create highly targeted sets than to group keywords from different areas into one set.

3. Broad match
When entering keywords, you should keep in mind that there is an exact match, phrase match and broad match. In the broad match the keyword may appear in connection with other expressions, which can completely change the meaning of a keyword.

 4. Negative Match
Do not forget to set negative keywords. If a person enters a negative keyword into a search engine, your ad will not appear. An example might be a situation when a person seeks review on a certain product. If there is the product on your website, but there are not any reviews, then the visitor seeking a review will come to your website and  leave it immediately.

5. The cost per click
When determining the CPC it is useful to take into account whether it is an exact match, phrase match or a broad match. For exact match, the cost per click should be higher.

6. Use less searched phrases and words
Use less searched phrases and words. These phrases have less competition, so you have a better chance that your ad will appear at the top positions.

7. The destination page
The destination page must be chosen according to what is in the advertisement. If an ad is targeted to a particular product, the user expects to get on the page where he can see the product. For example, if he gets on the front page, he will leave the website immediately.


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