7 reasons to have a corporate Facebook page

7.10. 2015

If you are not convinced about benefits of Facebook for companies, there are 7 reasons why your company should be on this social network.

1. Present your products and services

Facebook represents another way how to present your products and services. Here you can insert additional information that does not fit on your website, or a variety of attractions and tips.

2. Excellent communication channel

Thanks to Facebook, you can quickly and effectively communicate with your existing and potential customers. Can you imagine a better way to communicate?

3. You will recieve feedback

An advantage is that you get  feedback from fans of your page. Based on the comments and likes you'll find out to what your fans react positively and vice versa what is not working for them.

4. Data from statistics

Facebook collects valuable data on the behavior of fans of your page. These data can be used to improve marketing and communication strategy.

5. Based on recommendations

Facebook works with recommendations from friends and people you know which is more effective than paid advertising.

6. Attract e new segment

Facebook pages can reach a new group of people that you so far failed to deliver.

7. Positive impact on SEO

Corporate Facebook pages contributes to a better position in search engines.

Finally, it should be noted that it is not enough to create a Facebook page and sometimes add comments. In order to benefit from corporate Facebook pages, it is necessary to define a marketing strategy and on its basis to manage the page. Furthermore, it is advisable to monitor the behavior of fans and metrics that Facebook offers, and adjust strategy accordingly.


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