Company introduction

In 7Interactive, s.r.o. we create solutions that make clients work easier, help to increase turnover and create a better image. Our ideas are going to make Your way to development easier. More than ten years of experience are utilized to maximize the efficiency of web presentations of our clients. We are focused on uniqueness, we are dissatisfied with common solutions. In development, we focus on details, exclusive design, and advanced functionality.


Company activities

● Application development and custom software

● Web solutions with administration

● Eshops with a wide range of features

● Marketing on the Internet, Facebook campaigns

● IT Training, Online Marketing, PPC

● Original graphics and corporate identity


Technologies used

For the development, we use proven PHP framework NETTE, which makes our applications stable and secure. The appearance of the application is always created by professional graphic designers, each design is an original tailored made solution. For web applications, we use our own 7RS content management system, which uses the newest available technologies of the Web 2.0 HTML 5, CSS 3. We emphasize modern, functional and secure web, keep pace with time, and therefore our web site responds to the latest internet trends. By using our own solutions that we always develop and test, we can quickly and easily respond to any of our customers' requirements.


Mainly intuitive websites

Applications from our workshops are intuitive, fast and easy to use. All our products are connected and therefore any customization is just a routine for us and greatly saves your time and money. The content of the site is separate from the graphical solution, which ensures easy management and fewer data demands of the web and thus faster retrieval.


Technical parameters and security 7RS System

7RS uses PHP 7 and Nette 2.4 in combination with ORM framework Doctrine 2.3.

The basis is the MySQL database system. For dynamic elements is used AJAX. Most of the technologies we use are always updated on the basis of development trends to maximize the available technological potential and security while maintaining stability and reliability. Data security is secured by encrypting sensitive data in the database, protecting against attacks such as SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, Cross Site Request Forgery, the use of encrypted HTTPS certificate transfer, auto-logout, and other embedded security features


Fair rental
Fair rent is for everyone who is looking for or offering to house and do not need realtors or other intermediaries.

Contact person: Jan Kotyz Managing Director,


Company dealing with the publishing of CELIATICA and DIABETICA catalogs for the Czech and Slovak Republics. The CELIATICA product catalog is an overview of gluten-free products and is intended for patients holding a gluten-free diet. The DIABETICA catalog serves diabetic diet patients as a basis for dietary compilation. For this company we have created a web portal for diabetics and celiacs containing a product catalog, recipes, and menus.

Contact person: Tomáš Veleba Managing Director, +420 775 220 185

Projects: ,

STEM / MARK, a.s.
STEM / MARK, a.s. is a full-service agency engaged in marketing research since 1994. Provides complete services for clients from a wide range of industries. We have developed a system for managing interviews, questionnaires and other agency activities for this company.

Contact person: Jan Lajka innovation manager, +420 606 816 940


Beauty Pro s.r.o.
Beauty Pro s.r.o. is engaged in the sale and servicing of instrumentation technologies for aesthetic medicine, beauty, cosmetic and masseur studies, clinics of plastic surgery, dermatology, fitness, wellness etc. It also carries out certified training and retraining for the operation of individual instruments, organizes workshops.

Contact person: Martin Frank Director, +420 603 854 011


Regional Association ODS Praha 4
The website for the election campaign in 2018.





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